$ git clone

Installation is quite straightforward: adjust lib/, then run the numbered scripts, 01-* to 05-*. This will leave you with a directory $GR (by default, $HOME/galeb-root) containing the files of the root filesystem, and a compressed raw disk image made from those files. needs to be run with root privileges, which you will be warned about if you try to execute it as a regular user. Other than that, just pay attention to on-screen prompts and messages. See BOOTING and “Things to do after booting” below for information on what to do next.

Note: Files in the created directory $GR are configured for a system booted from a USB medium. You should adjust files like /etc/fstab and /etc/rc.conf if you don't intend on using the raw disk image, and wish to install the files directly (for example, with rsync(1)).

Prebuilt boot image

Bootstrap scripts (01-*05-*) produce a boot image, which is planned to be available to download separately. The boot image contains the compiled packages in binary form in /pkg, intended to be used on the x86_64 architecture. When booting from this prebuilt boot image, you can login as the user “root” with a password “root” (in contrast, you will be prompted to set a root password if you build from source).

Things to do after booting

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